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Journal History


100 years on the western front
"100 years on the western front" or "the arrogance of French"

this is map shows dinamics of the Franco-Italian border from 1850s to 1950s

As we can see at the end of WWII, the French took from Italy many pieces of lands on Italian side of Alps, the official reason for this was French security against the "monstrously dangerous" Italy, this clearly wasn't the truth, because Italy couldn't go to war with France for years to come and in long term and everyone knew it. The real reason for France to do this was actually that the French wanted to make an act of arrogance against Italy. :P

And they didn't stop! In fact the dispute over the Mont Blanc is a still ongoing unofficial territorial dispute between France and Italy, Italy reasonably proposes to share the summit of the mountain whereas France keeps an arrogant behavior and claims all of it for itself. :P 

these two examples explain very well the second title of this deviation :) (Smile) 
If Switzerland was a Nation
If everyone in Switzerland spoke an endemic language (namely the Romansch language - not namely a dialect of a foreign main language), I think that it could be easier to considerate it a Nation 

the detail of Southern Switzerland it's a merely political think 
The New Freccia Littoria
An alternate history's brochure dating the '70 showing the track of the new high speed train running through the Italian Empire in Africa 
Reseau TGV horizon deux mille jamais
Voila la carte du vraisemblable futur réseau des trains à haute vitesse français, le parcours de plusieurs lignes est seulement indicatif, car dans ces cas des projet definitifs ne sont pas encore disponibles.
La ligne verte bordé d'orange entre Dijon et la LGV Sud Est n'a jamais étée prévue, il s'agit plutôt de ma personelle proposition. Cette ligne éviterait la construction notamment de la branche Sud et, en partie, de la branche Ouest de la LGV Rhin Rhône, en effet, au lieu de se bifurquer aupres de Dijon, la LGV Rhin-Rhône se dirigererait tout droit vers la LN1. À part des évidents advantages en termes de couts de réalisation de deux branche TGV de longueur élevée (le raccord en vert dans l'immage est plus court des deux branches actuellement envisagées prises singulièrement), cela permetterait le passage par la gare de Dijon-Porte-Neuve aussi bien des rames venant de Belfort et se dirigéant à Paris (comme dans le projet original) que de ceux avec destination Lyon, qui dans le projet actuel sont détournés vers l'ancienne Lugdunum avant la capitale burguignonne, empechant ainsi qu'elle soit ateinte si on va de Belfort à Lyon. Notamment cette soulution a le defauts d'allonger legèrement la distance dans les deux lignes, mais aux grandes vitesses des rames TGV cette différence de distance est assez négligeable. Pour faire face à l'éventuelle hyper-saturisation de la LGV Sud Est on peux envisager soit le renforcement de cette ligne (avec une majeure capacité donc, grace aussi à des amélioration des systèmes électroniques) soit la réalisation de la ligne parallèle LGV Cœur de France, passant par Orléans et Vichy (mon option préférée).  

lignes bleu: LGV SNCF en France
lignes rouges: LGV SNCF hors de France
autres choses: en fichez vous ^^'

ps. je sait qu'on écrit réseau mais DA ne permet pas d'ècrire le é dans le titre.

Here's the map of the probable future french high speed trains network, the track of many lines is only indicative, because eventually definitive projects are not yet available.
The orange-edged green line between Dijon and South East High Speed Line (South East HSL, LN1) is my personal proposition. This line would avoid to build two new branches of the Rhine-Rhone HSL (South branch and part of West branch), actually instead of fork before Dijon, the Rhine-Rhone railway would continue straight on through LN1. Apart for evident savings in terms of construction coasts of two new very long branch of high speed railway (the green line in the image would be shorter than each one of today envisaged branches), this would allow trains to pass from Dijon Porte Neuve station, both if they are going from Belfort to Paris (like in today's projects) and if you are going from Belfort to Lyon, which is not the case today because in the projects trains are diverted to ancient Lugdunum before reaching the city of Dijon. Obviously this solution has the negative to make the to lines distance a little bit longer but at TGV high velocities this difference one distance is quiet negligible. To face an eventual hyper saturation of South East HSL we can imagine either to reinforce this line (with increased capacity, also thanks to better electronic systems) or to build a new parallel line (Heart of France HSL) passing from Vichy (yes that Vichy :XD:) and Orleans (that's my favorite option).

blue lines: SNCF HSL in France
red lines: SNCF HSL outside France
other things: just don't care ^^'
Northern Italy 1713 VS modern borders
I Feudi Imperiali a nord di Genova sono considerati come facenti parte della Repubblica genovese a causa della forte influenza che esercitava quest'ultima, per sapere di più sui Feudi Imperiali consiglio di consultare l'articolo di wikipedia:…
Non sono molto sicuro dei confini tra Piemonte Lombardia e Liguria, quindi son benvenute correzioni se notate degli errori ^^

The Feudi Imperiali north of Genoa are considered part of genoese Republic due to the strong influence that the City had on them, to know more about the Feudi Imperiali I suggest to read (or translate) the article on Italian Wikipedia:…. In alternative you can read the spanish version but it is a little bit shorter.
I'm not quiet sure of borders in north-west so suggestions to correct eventual mistakes are welcome ^^

Crediti per la mappa base/Credits for base map to:

update: corrected the Republic of Genoa
Panlatin Sector (no toponyms) - Terraformed Mars
This is, say, a "spin-off" of "The World Empire" series, the second series of futuristic timelines I made, concerning pan-latinism, you can find all of them here:…, the image depicts Mars while Earth looked like this:…. I decided to use this timeline because it was the one that better suited between all of my scenarios. In the journal, the next step of "The World Empire" series involve two big wars between these empires, to make an alternate future for it, we can also imagine that these wars don't happen and humanity stays in peace, minding more stellar expansion than war on earth (even thought for stellar expansion it takes that humans mastered space voyages) ^^' 

numbers stand for:
1- Croatian Sector
2- Slovenian Sector
3- Czechoslovakian Sector
4- Hungarian Sector 
5- Polish Sector
6- Turkish Sector
7- Syrian Sector (aslo know as Assad's Sector)
8- Iranian Sector 

red lines stand for supersonic railways (used on long distances) and green lines stand for motorways (used on medium distances)
the panlatin sector includes Greco-Albanian managed sector to the center, in the south.
Alexander's path
as requested by 3D4D, a fusion of Roman and Alexander the Great's Empires, with the Roman Empire conquering Parthians and covering again Alexander's Empire territory, the new capital city is Constantinople, now Romans are growingly interested in Black Sea, Nubia and Germania 
Alt. Flag for Tuscany (Medici + Civic symbols)
An alternative version for the flag of Tuscany, the CoA matches the six Medici Balls, four of them contain the symbols of the most important Tuscan historical states: the Republic of Florence (upwards), the Republic of Siena (left), the Republic of Lucca (right) and the Maritime Republic of Pisa (downwards). The flag is composed by a Flag of John the Baptist modified with the restoration period colors 
Greater Tuscany
so...I wanted to use my last flag so I did this, but of course the flag is not compulsory linked to such a thing (nor to independent Tuscany actually) 

All hail the mighty and prosperous Tuscan Empire, everyone who dares pronuncing tuscan "c" wrong will be mercyless executed :XD: (that's one that not Italian speakers will never get, so it's unesfull that I write it here but whatever ^^')

Siccome volevo usare la mia ultima bandiera ho deciso di fare questa cartina, ma ovviamente la bandiera non è obbligatoriamente legata ad una cosa del genere (nemmeno ad una Toscana indipendente in verità ^^')

Salutate tutti il grande e potente Impero Toscano, tutti coloro che oseranno sbagliare la pronuncia della "c" toscana saranno giustiziati senza pietà :XD:
Alt. Flag for Tuscany (Medici + Lorraine)
apart the CoA, which I already introduced, the flag is composed by a Flag of John the Baptist modified with the restoration period colors 
Un Continente Americano Equilibrato
1799, after general Suvorov wins the Campaign of Switzerland against the French army (also thanks to the much fewer french military presence), the Second Coalition War results in a stalemate. Because of this and because of the fear to be overthrown due to its instability, the Directoire decides to sign the treaty of Amiens in early 1800, the difference with OTL treaty is that Italy and Switzerland were restored to their orignal situation. Unfortunately for the Directoire that is all vain, in fact signing the treaty only made French people more angry. Exploiting this situation a young Napoleon takes the power instauring the Consulat. It would be unuseful to concentrate on Europe because by now a strong military presence is firmly guarding the Rhein border so Napoleon decides to annex Louisiana from Spain and pacifically build a colony helped by the french population boom which is emploied in settlement and not in the Napoleonic Wars. Napoleon also begins a campaing in Egypt, but he dies in the war. At his death a new constitution is written and the République is restaured. The conquest of Egypt will be finished by the République.  

Decades have passed and Europe is rapidly changing. In the Americas a dramatic series of revolutions have led to the almost total disappearance of the European rule, excluse for Canada which stays British.
USA, locked on all sides, can't develop to the west, and when the South secedes, they can't do great things but recovering a couple of States at the border.
In the meantime Mexico takes US place to the lead of the continent, gaining back the territories formery belonged to New Spain. It also pushes Argentina and Colombia to expand and enter in its orbit. Mexico has good relations with Louisana too, something that facilitate the rectificatification of their border, making it easiers to manage.
Nevertheless the persistent presence of the Británicos annoys Mexico which decides to declare war on England (the pretext is the dispute over Califonia-British Coloumbia border), Brasil, Colombia and Argentina do the same. The Netherlands join England to protect their interests. Paradoxically the war at the border between Mexico and British North America is a stalemate while elsewhere it is won by the Latin American alliance. Finally Mexico has to accept the border at the 42° parallel, but Argentina, Brasil and Columbia can make major gains. In Québec the french population takes advantage of the weak moment of the British Empire to revolt against it. To keep the territory under their control English have to accept the help of United States which obtain Eastern Brunswick in change. The war is also bad for Mexico which increases its debts.
During the 20th century two major changes hit North America, the first is the dissolution of British North America which issues The Québecois Empire, The Republic of Cascadia (which had been colonised mainly by US Americans in the past century), The Eskimo Confederation and Canada; the second big change is the end of the apartheid like regime in CSA which ends in the hands of an extremist black minoritarian party and is renamed the Republic of New Africa, USA opposes this decison and decide to give asilum to all the white people who begin to be sort of persecuted, in the meantime a number of black people migrate to New Africa from US, it results in a sort of natural population exchange but the new regime in New Africa is disastrous and impoverishes a lot the country.
In this timeline every country in America is more or less to a similar level and the whole continent is quiet well balanced. The welthiest countries are Mexico, Cascadia, USA and Louisiana, the poorest are New Africa and Haiti.
Toscana Linguistica
Questa volta ho provato a creare una mappa dei dialetti, o varietà, del parlar Toscano, in parte mi sono basato su esperienze personali, in parte su carte linguistiche trovate su Internet, bisogna certamente dire che nella grande maggioranza dei casi non è facile trovare aree linguistiche ben delimitate poiché si assiste ad un processo di transizione molto graduale, inoltre le mie esperienze personali derivano sopratutto dall'ascolto della parlata ITALIANA locale, quindi della lingua standard, che risente delle parlate locali, ma se ne distacca notevolmente allontanandosi sempre di più dalla zona senese-fiorentina, in fin dei conti sarebbe più corretto parlare di una mappa riguardante gli accenti locali della lingua Italiana più che dei dialetti strictu sensu, ovviamente, basandomi sul mio pesonale udito sono influenzato dal mio "dialetto" di partenza, infatti, almeno nel mio caso, muovendomi sempre più verso l'esterno rispetto alla mia area lingustica di appartenenza, le differenze a livello locale tendono a scomparire, a questo proposito posso citare un aneddoto curioso, una volta ero con un gruppo di amici che venivano da una serie di paesi diversi della Val di Chiana (zona a sud di Arezzo), a mio avviso parlavano tutti allo stesso modo ma per loro non era affatto così, al contrario, dicevano che la mia parlata assomigliava a quella di Pisa cosa che per me è inpensabile, fine della riflessione linguistica, spero che la cartina vi piaccia :)

edit: uploaded main file
credits for base map to wonderful Project Italy by Scipia
Possibile Futura Rete Autostradale Italiana
Questa volta ho deciso di fare una cosa un pò diversa dal solito, la cartina mostra il possibile sviluppo futuro della rete autostradale Italiana, ho aggiunto sia i progetti certi in realizzazione sia nuove proposte (personali e non). Tutte le nuove autostrade vengono riportate di seguito raggruppate per ordine di costo 

1) Nessun bisogno di nuove opere edili (interventi burocratici e di segnaletica), possibilità di interventi minori per adeguamento standards sede stradale: 
- Completamento della A18: riclassificazione della Autostrada Catania-Siracusa e di gran parte della tangenziale di Catania, conversione della SS114 da Villasmundo a Serramendola in autostrada, tutto il tracciato è già transitabile senza soluzione di continuità e risponde agli standard autostradali
- Riclassificazione della A3 in A2
- Riclassificazione della circonvallazione di Lecce in Raccordo Autostradale
- Riclassificazione della sulla superstrada Teramo mare in raccordo autostradale con conseguente congiungimento tra A24 e A14 
- Trasformazione della SGC Firenze-Pisa-Livorno (FI-PI-LI) in autostrada 

2) Per quanto riguarda la Puglia ho pensato a due possibili alternative, la prima includibile nel punto 1 e la seconda con moderato bisogno di nuove opere edili:
a) Trasformazione dei tratti senza soluzione di continuità della SS16 da Bari a Fasano, della SS379 da Fasano a Brindisi, della SS16 nel tratto tangenziale a Brindisi, della SS613 da Brindisi a Lecce e della SS16 da Lecce a Maglie nella nuova Autostrada del Salento, in alternativa riclassificazione in SS16 dei tratti sopra citati che ancora non portano questo nome. Trasformazione in diramazione autostradale afferente alla nuova autostrada della SS101 fino a Gallipoli
b) Prolungamento della A14 attraverso un nuovo svincolo che metta in comunicazione diretta l'attuale A14 con i tratti da trasformare in autostrada della SS16 da Bari a Fasano, della SS379 da Fasano a Brindisi, della SS16 nel tratto tangenziale a Brindisi, della SS613 da Brindisi a Lecce e della SS16 da Lecce a Maglie. Trasformazione in raccordi autostradali o diramazioni afferenti alla A14 della SS101 fino a Gallipoli e della tratta odierna di A14 da Bari a Taranto, possibile inoltre un prolugamento di quest'ultimo raccordo fino a raggiungere la nuova Autostrada Jonica (punto 3)

3) Opere già costruite in parte e da terminare:
- Creazione dell'Autostrada Jonica attraverso il completamento del progetto ANAS "nuova strada statale SS106 Jonica" nei tratti tra Firmo e Roseto e le trasformazioni della SS106 da Firmo a Taranto e della SS7 da Taranto a Brindisi in autostrada, costruzione di un opprtuno collegamento, a Nord-Ovest di Taranto, tra la SS7 e la SS106
- Completamento della Grosseto-Fano 
- Completamento della A12 (Autostrada Azzurra) da Genova a Roma 
- Realizzazione della Autostrada Nuova Romea (almeno) fino a Ravenna anche attraverso le trasformazione della SS3bis e della SS675
- Completamento della A33 e prolungamento da Cuneo a Ventimiglia attraverso la Val Roja, con concessione da parte della Francia della giurisdizione sul tracciato autostradale, eventuale smembramento dell'autostrada con la creazione di una ipotetica nuova "Autostrada delle Meraviglie" o "Autostrada delle Alpi Marittime" nel tratto Sud 
- Completamento autostrada Pedemontana e realizzazione prolungamento fino alla BreBeMi
- Prolungamento del RA5 (Sicignano-Potenza) fino a toccare l'Autostrada Jonica a Metaponto (percorso E847) e possibile trasformazione in autostrada a se stante dell'intero percorso

4) Opere interamente da costruire:
- Costruzione Autostrada del Molise
- Costruzione Autostrada Regionale Cispadana
- Costruzione Autostrada Transpolesana 
- Costruzione Autostrada Cremona Mantova
- Costruzione Raccordo TiBre come continuazione della A15

Tangenziali di Brescia, Como e Varese da aggiungere 
Dialectologie Latine dans l'Union Universelle - 2
this map refers to this scenario:…, and it is a continuation of this:…, please make sure you got the context before making comments, otherwise ask :D (Big Grin) 

compared to the past, the linguistic borders are beginning to stabilize and, even if it's true that some new transition areas have formed, there are now much fewer of them, generally speaking. Germanic languages are just a bad memory by this time XD

key (values also include L2 speackers):

Blue: French dialect (1.7 bilion speackers)
Yellow: Spanish dialect (1.4 billion speackers)
Orange: Portuguese dialect (1.1 billion speakers)
Green: Italian dialect (0.9 billion speackers)
Red: Romanian dialect (0.3 billion speackers)
Brown: Catalan dialect (0.01 bilion speackers)

Number of people speaking the common latin language (including L2 speckers): around 5.5 billion, percentuage among the URU: 95%, percentuge among the latin bloc: 94%, account in global population: 47% 
The Bipartite World - evolution
continuation of:…

This world is based on a sort of degeneration of pan-nationalistic states which spread all around the world forming a number of big empires, two big wars have already occurred and the population has dramatically decreased 

The colors that you can see on the map stand for 

A) dark yellow: the Chinese empire 
           light yellow: the Indian republic (puppet of China)

B) dark orange: Universal Roman Union of the 3rd millennium 
                        Union Romana Universale d'el 3emo millennio
                orange in Africacolonies of the universal union, very poor, roughly all poorer than they are today, on the other hand, the "Coordinament General de Africa" is rich and a great example of society built on 0 co2 consumption              
                light orange: 
allied of the Union

i tried to write administrative units names in a romance common language, read with a Spanish like phonetic mediating it with Italian phonetics and a little of French accent :) (Smile)
Every continent has its own "citizenship" even if the universal union is considered just only one international subject, and its not simple to pass from continent to continent, like in today China between different provinces to make an example.

1) Etatis Unitis d'Europa Romança (romance speaking states of today keep their original language names, the other are given names mainly in old Latin language, Albania and Greece are able to keep their names thanks to the fact that they were previously allied to Rome, at the end of the war they are given two alternatives: remain independent keeping the same territory, or joining the union but realizing their wettest nationalistic dreams, they both decide for the second alternative :D (Big Grin) ):
     1- Shqipëria natyrale
     2- Danubiana 
     3- Daco-România Mare
     4- Megali Hellada 
     5- Portugal
     6- Catalonia
     7- Espana
     8- Hibernia
     9- Britannia 
   10- France
   11- Borealia (includes Iceland)
   12- Italia
   13- Baltica 
   14- Aeuropa Centralis
   15- Caucasia 
   16- Levans 
   32- Mesopotamia 
   33- Germania (in honor to the ancient people living there XD)
   34- Scandinavia
   37- Anatolia
2) Coordinament General de Africa, d'el Pacific e de Asia Romances:
   17- Governament General de Nordafrica oriental 
   18- Governament General de Nordafrica occidental 
   19- Governament General de Africa occidental  
   20- Governament General de Africa central 
   21- Governament General de Africa meridional
   22- Governement General de Africa orietal
   23- Governament General de Africa austral 
   24- Governament General de Australia Nigra (populated by Blak Romance from rich Africa)
   35- Governament General de Arabia 
   36- Governament Regional de la Capital General Africana
 3) Union de las Americas:
   25- Estat de Grande Brasil 
   26- Estat de America meridional de le Sud
   27- Estat de Grande Grenada
   28- Estat Unit de Grande Mexico e Caraibes 
   29- Estat de America Septentrional 
   30- Estat de Québec e de Nova Roma (sometimes remembered as former New York)
   31- Estat de les praeries centrales 
United Provinces of Greater Argentina
1- Distrito Autónomo de Lima
2- Distrito Autónomo de Assunción 
3- Distrito Autónomo de Santiago de Chile 
4- Distrito Autónomo Federal de Buenos Aires 
The Power of Islam
what I tried to do this time is taking this wikipedia's image (…) that I find very interesting but somehow also chaotic (not for the image itself but for the quantity of organization and countries to keep into account) and trying to represent it on a map, as the original image the result is still pretty chaotic but, I hope, a little bit less. Colors correspond to those that can be found in the image. Dark green border is the external border of the OIC, dark orange border is the external border of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States whereas grey border is the external border of the Arab League (Somalia and Djibouti are also part of it)
Today it was the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings!!! ^^

*just discovered it XD


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